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Prototyping: Choosing the Right Polymer for You

2024-03-06T01:16:17+00:00April 27th, 2023|Polymers|

Poor or rushed prototyping can lead to overlooked design flaws, decreased market appeal, damage to branding, and ultimately poor product performance. Good prototyping is essential in the manufacturing process - it helps to identify design flaws, refine the design, reduce costs, test materials, and improve communication between stakeholders. By investing time and resources into prototyping, manufacturers can improve the quality, performance, and marketability of their products, while reducing the risk of product failure and associated [...]

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Color Matching: More than Meets the Eye

2024-03-06T01:19:52+00:00April 27th, 2023|Color|

Have you been tasked with buying color for a new product line or prototype but are unsure where to even begin? Color matching is an essential & often underappreciated aspect of the manufacturing process and can have significant effects on production; getting the colors right is essential for creating a consistent brand identity and ensuring customer satisfaction. We have listed some factors to consider when purchasing color: 1.Variations in lighting: Lighting conditions can have a [...]

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